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Conrad - Alpha Early Access

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This is Conrad. An early access survival game, currently being worked on howether you can still play and support the game *cough* Conrad Gold *cough*. Yeah, yeah I know just another generic early acess survival game I know but this will be the single most intense and customisable survival game of our generation with a intriuging electonic system and natural disasters on the edge of development!


Conrad is a game were you #survive.
Uh no shi*t sherlock! ok, ok so its a survival game where you survive
(Duh) on the planet Earth (if you can call it that) after complete
nuclear ahialation its pretty flipping fudged out there Im not gonna

This game is the pre-release of a game currently being worked on called Conrad, that is available for people to test while its being worked on

There may be health risks like radioactive mutants still active nuclear bombs mutant plants, acid rain and peoples ( #multiplayer ).

Why your there alone? Why you cant remember anything? who knows! (probably because someone couldnt be bothered to make a back story) but your only objective is and will be to survive, die, rage and revive.

See you in the apocoalypse.

Conrad Gold

Conrad gold is a version of Conrad you get for donating $0.50 or more, it supports me and the game!

In Conrad gold you get some UI changes a special name tag and custom models with more soon to come, you also get the wonderfull sence of knowing you helped support me and this exciting game!


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