A downloadable survival game


Do you think you could survive when the worlds gone to hell?

Do you think you can endure the radiation, the gigantic mutants, the needs of a human body.  Oh and the other survivors looking to build, survive and thrive in this multiplayer survival game?

Humans are way to reckless with missiles don't you think? Well that's exactly what happened here one country launched a nuke then the other and another eventually everywhere was either blown up or to radioactive to harbor life.

So here you are.. some wood some stone and your wits. Better get building before the night time approaches. Bad things happen at night.

Links: Website | Discord | Forums | Facebook Page | Trello | Reddit

Game info

This is the Early Alpha of Conrad, some features may be buggy or ill fitting. The Early Alpha in no way shape or form represents the full release of Conrad. In the future we hope to add complex machine building and weather systems as well as an array off other features. Were open to suggestions as well!

Conrad Gold

Conrad Gold is a standalone of Conrad that can be bought for $0.40 / £0.28, Conrad gold gives the player a golden name tag (seen bellow) golden UI on start menu, golden view models and access to gold only servers.

Conrad Gold helps the Conrad development team a lot and allows us to keep our office space and ramen noodles :3 so please consider helping us out and get rewarded in the process!

Conrad Gold Player Tag
The golden tag of a player with Conrad gold

Development log

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