Update 0.0.11

Update {0.0.11}

Time for another Conrad update!

-Added boxes and racks to landmarks
-Added Day and night cycle
-Added sounds to player taking damage
-Added Sounds to mutants idle and attack
-Added Spear
-Added Health Regen if hunger and water are in good condition
-Using a bow drops an arrow were you shot
-Added oxygen metre
-You now take health when low on oxygen
-Added Player ragdoll on death
-Added explosive trap (IED Trap)
-Added report bug button in escape menu
-Added Oxygen canister
-Added Refined Metal Recipie
-Added custom skins http://playconrad.net/api/skins
you can set a texture for a skin under player settings (url)
-Added brick
-Added Brick buildables
-Added new UI

-Increaced some crafting recipies
-Increaced mutant health
-Tweaked loot tables to contain more food / water

Litteraly a million like so many this entire update was 75% bug fixes

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