Update 0.0.12

Update {0.0.12}
Released : 08/04/18 (DD/MM/YY)

Eyyy time for another Conrad Update!
Btw I will now be streaming on twitch.tv/prxmer

-Campfires (require wood)
-Item previews (you can see whats inside a chest or tree etc by looking at it)
-Sounds for walking on various surfaces
-Sounds for mutants when they see you
-New and improved post processing (graphics)
-New Muzzle flash for guns
-Added sounds when placing buildables
-Mutants now respawn
and lots of other features not mentioned

-Massive server optimisations
-New icons for items
-We use source control which allows us to undo any bad mistakes!
-Super Mutant Speed Increaced
-Mutant Speed Increaced
-IED's now make a beeping noise when placed down to alert nearby players
-Mutants now how faces
-Various map improvments
-Added Prommer Games logo onto splash screen
-Removed some un needed UI on start screen
-Loot table tweaks
and some other more minor tweaks

-Enemys sometimes not dropping items
-Graphics glitches such as seeing through grass
-Lots of UI fixes for stuff overlaying when it shouldnt
-Item data fixes
and lots lots more

-Modding systems are almost in place and just need networking



Conrad Gold 0.0.12 Build Date 080418.zip 60 MB
13 days ago
Conrad Standard 0.0.12 Build Date 080418.zip 60 MB
13 days ago

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