A downloadable Wildive for Windows

A small multiplayer sandbox game without the "blockyness" of Minecraft with beautiful randomly generated terrain and many , many items the multiplayer is easy to setup by either creating a port forwarded game or simply using our one click servers! this game is a work in progress so expect bugs the game download and other info can be found at www.prommergames.weebly.com Enjoy!


E = Inventory
WASD / Up , Down ,Left , Right = Move
Left Click = Break Block
Right Click = Place Block
Click The teleport button they type the co ordinates you wish to teleport to (X,Y,Z) your own co ordinates can be found by pressing E and looking in the bottom right hand corner. Spawn Co Ordinates: 0 200 0
F12 = Take screen shot (only for downloaded games) saved to Wildive_Data next to the application
F2 = No GUI takes these things away from screen (can be pressed again to undo):
FPS counter
Hotbar / Itembar
Teleport buttons

Please rate and comment how we can improve thank you!

Install instructions

When the game is downloaded you will get a .zip file simply right click and click extract it will then open another folder where you can open Wildive and click play if you want to play singleplayer / lan game press Start LAN other people can join by either putting in your public ip (if port forwaded) into the lan client box and clicking lan client or if there on the same network as you then can just press lan client without any hassle and join your game also if you don't wish to port forward there is a button that says enable match maker click it and either find internet match to find any match maker games or create one using create match button (only pople in the same continents as you can join e.g. EU , US , ASIA , Antarctica? )


Wildive.zip (43 MB)

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